About Us

CA International College works with the most recognised institutions in the field of English teacher training. Our working partners are the University of Cambridge (CELTA) and International House (Certificate IV in TESOL).

We offer TESOL courses and English courses and we believe we are rather good at what we do.

We consider ourselves different than other schools. We dare to be different. We dare to push the envelope in everything we do. We take teaching and learning very seriously, yet we believe firmly in ONE thing.

We learn when we are having fun.

We have 2 taglines for each Course Stream.

TESOL – ” A New Life” Most people choose teaching second language because they want to do something new or always wanted to be a teacher or wanted to make a difference in the world in their way. Nevertheless, we can play a part in helping you find a”A New Life”.

Language – “Live Life” Learning a language is difficult. But what if this new language becomes part of your life, with new friends and new confidence? We hope to encourage Our language courses are designed for the real life and not just from textbooks.

We enjoy teaching and you will feel the buzz the moment you enter through our doors.